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Spandana Nakka

Aug 2023
5 min
Introducing the Pump Affiliate Program
Earn rewards when you refer someone to save on AWS
Jun 2023
8 min
ELI5: What Are AWS Savings Plans and How Can They Save You Money?
Demystifying AWS Savings Plans: An ELI5 Guide
Jun 2023
6 min
'Past Savings' shown on AWS
As a step 1 when you connect your AWS account, Pump shows you your exact past savings.
Mar 2023
5 min
ELI5: What are AWS Reserved Instances and How Do They Work?
Demystifying AWS Reserved Instances: An ELI5 Guide
Jan 2023
5 min
How does Pump find 60% savings on AWS
Pump is the fastest way to save 60% on AWS, we just launched!