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AWS Knowledge ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Aug 2023
5 min
Understanding Amazon EC2 Pricing
How to reduce EC2 spending, with examples and use cases
Jul 2023
9 min
Cloud FinOps: AWS FinOps Cloud Financial Management Optimization
Discover how AWS FinOps can help you reduce costs
Jul 2023
10 min
AWS Savings Plan vs Reserved Instance: What's the difference?
Comparing AWS Reserved Instances and AWS Savings Plans, and which is better for you. Updated for 2023.
Mar 2023
5 min
ELI5: What are AWS Reserved Instances and How Do They Work?
Demystifying AWS Reserved Instances: An ELI5 Guide
Feb 2023
10 min
How to use AWS Cost Explorer to understand AWS costs
Understand and manage your AWS costs using AWS Cost Explorer.