How Pump 11x’d Olaclick’s current savings

You guys should charge for this, would totally pay for it - we got a pro-based service from day 1! - Morgan Zysman, Co-founder & CTO at Olaclick.

About OlaClick

OlaClick is a web-based digital menu solution that helps businesses receive simplified online orders through WhatsApp. They offer a commission-free platform for small and medium businesses eager to increase their online orders and reach more customers.

Why did they get intrigued by Pump?

Their AWS environment includes EC2, RDS, ECS among other AWS services. They have a tech-savvy team with a cost-conscious CTO; hence quite familiar with RIs and Savings plans. They mentioned that they frequently spin up new projects and services and did not have enough time given other priorities over cost reduction. This is where Pump assisted them, with AI powered FinOps.


Pump shows the past savings as a separate category, in the spirit of transparency. And in our first month with Olaclick, we saved them 11X of what they previously saved!

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