How Pump outperformed a competitor by 3x

Pump felt like a no-brainer decision, it’s free money!- Miles Penn, Founder & CEO at MTailor.

About MTailor

MTailor sells men’s custom clothing (shirts, suits and jeans) by measuring you with your phone's camera. MTailor’s computer vision technology is 20% more accurate than a professional tailor.

Why did they get intrigued by Pump?

Their AWS environment includes EC2, Lambda among other AWS services and they already looked into costs savings through a competing product to Pump. Pump is ‘free’ to use, and being Y Combinator backed themselves, they reached out seeing our internal launch -they also did not want to commit to Pump completely, just as yet.


Within a month, Pump outperformed the competitor’s savings by over 3x. Pump’s AI algorithms are far more sophisticated to anyone else on the market but also because we achieve unique savings via a collective approach to billing. Mtailor continues to use Pump as their only AWS savings platform going forward.

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