How Pump saved $$ from Day 1

I really wasn't expecting savings from Day 1, hugely & pleasantly surprised - Michael Buckwald, Co-Founder & CEO at Torch Sensors

About Torch Sensors

Torch Sensors is a technology company that is solving wildfires by detecting them ultra early, when they are under 2 feet. They use multiple sensors such as thermal, infrared and gas predicting outdoor fires with accuracy.

Why did they get intrigued by Pump?

Torch Sensors was our first customer, they decided to take a chance on us after some heavy due diligence. They had worked with similar products in the past and were used to paying almost over $100k/month as fees for other similar products. Their AWS environment includes heavy RDS &EC2 amongst the many other services they use.


Right from Day 1, Torch saw their savings accumulate. Torch stores swathes of data that only accumulates by the hour, and partnering with Pump achieved them heavy savings on RDS that was previously a full time job for their devops team.

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