Fastest way to save 60% on AWS bills.

The Fastest Cheapest Safest No-brainer Way to Save 60% on AWS

With group buying & AI, startups can now save like the big tech with Pump..

..and for FREE - yes, you read that right!

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Who is Pump for?

If your startup spends between $1k to $100k per month on AWS, Pump can save you over 60% on that spend. We align finance and engineering teams on cloud costs.

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Costco did it for groceries, we are doing it for Cloud Spend.

For the first time, Pump brings you discounts previously only available to large companies. Alongside 24/7 automated AWS savings.

Together, we save.
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Group buying
Unique model that keeps our lights on while offering a free product
Pump Services
AI Automated Savings
Savings fully on autopilot, powered by proprietary AI algorithms Cloud
Highly Secure
Billing level permissions only, zero access to your actual AWS account

Tap, tap & save.

Step 2

Like the savings you see? Grant write permissions to Pump

Step 3

Wait till we complete our KYB process, takes 24 hours to approve

Pump is free

Pump is free - We monetize through a small % from the volume tier discount of the collective group buying spend.

100% of our revenue comes from AWS - saving costs should not be a cost in itself for our customers.

*We are also the only company with a real money back guarantee in form of AWS credits.


  • 12 AWS Services included
  • Autopilot Reserved Instances
  • Autopilot Savings Plans
  • Group discount %
  • Unlimited AWS accounts
  • Unlimited users
  • 24x7 Slack support
  • Monthly bill review
  • 60 day cancel policy, anytime
  • Money-back guarantee*

"You guys should charge for this" -Morgan Zysman, OlaClick

We achieved 11x savings in the first month!

Pump shows the 'past savings' as a separate category. Even if you already have a team taking care of your AWS savings, we encourage you to check out the estimate - you never know how much additional we can save you

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Pump helped to achieve  11x savings in the first month!

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