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How does Pump find 60% savings on AWS

How does Pump find 60% savings on AWS

With an increase in compute intensive companies and products- most notably AI AI, cloud spending soared to an astonishing $500 billion last year, a figure that is only projected to grow. While the cloud undoubtedly represents the future, cloud costs remain an enigma for most businesses.

Enter Pump

Pump is the FASTEST to save up to 60% on your AWS bills with zero engineering effort and financial risk. Pump for the first time turns these same advancements in AI upside -down, this time by dramatically reducing cost we are revolutionizing cost optimization, starting with AWS. 

Remarkably, we are the only company capable of achieving savings across a maximum of 12 AWS services. We are a company backed by Y Combinator, consistently ranked #1 on Product Hunt, and other platforms since our launch earlier in 2023. 

Let's explore how Pump manages to deliver such substantial savings:

Advanced AI

Our AI algorithms scrutinize usage patterns and pinpoint optimization opportunities that could be covered with commitment-based discounts - Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans. These can be thought of as online shopping coupon codes.

Reserved Instances  

While RIs offer greater savings, they are more complex to plan and commit. RIs can be allocated from one company to another and can also be sold on the RI marketplace. Pump scans the RI marketplace and our customers' usage for the most liquid instances and assigns a liquidity index to each.

Savings Plans 

Though simpler to plan, Savings Plans come with their own unique set of challenges including  That they cannot be transferred from one company to another unless they are part of the same AWS Organization. After applying the RI strategy as much as possible, Pump fills the gaps with Savings Plans. Additionally, Pump automatically shares unused savings plans amongst its collective – another advantage of the Pump approach to AWS savings.

Group Billing

When you join Pump's collective, your business gains access to higher discounts and savings. Your AWS account or organization benefits from group buying power and economies of scale. Collective billing leverages the purchasing power of the entire collective, resulting in enhanced cost efficiencies and savings for all participants. 

Beyond these strategies, we are proud to offer the best pricing model on the market - FREE. Similar to how Robinhood democratized stock trading by making it free, we've identified a model that allows us to provide our service at no cost to our customers. Pump earns a small percentage from the volume discounts achieved through collective large spending. All of our revenue comes from AWS. We firmly believe that saving costs should not be an additional cost for our customers.

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