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Introducing the Pump Affiliate Program

Spandana Nakka

Aug 31, 2023

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For everyone who loves Pump and automated cost-savings - We're now rewarding you with our Pump Affiliate Program! Got some customers who would benefit from Pump? Refer them as a customer and earn 1% of their AWS bill every month, for 2 years. What's more, you're not the only one who benefits: They get $500 upon signing up!

Our Philosophy at Pump

From the start, Pump was built around sharing benefits. Big corporations get significant discounts on their AWS bill, which aren't typically accessible to smaller companies. At Pump, we're democratizing this access, by using group buying to let startups enjoy the same benefits as big corporations.

Accessing these discounts leads to AWS savings of up to 60% across 12 different services. Our competitors offer similar savings but are extremely expensive –  taking a huge percentage of your savings. We prefer offering these discounts for free, and making our money directly from the group buying. This way, our success is tied to our customers' success, and more companies can benefit. We've been sharing with our customers from the start, and now it's time to share with our Pump Affiliates!

Benefits of the Pump Affiliate Program

When you become a Pump Affiliate, you'll receive 1% of the monthly AWS bill of every customer you refer to us, for 2 years. There is a limit to it though: $1,000,000 per year. That's one million!

Here's exactly what happens, and how much money you earn: Every month we check the customer's AWS bill for the previous month, calculate 1% of that amount, and add it to your earnings for the month. We do this for every customer, and at the end of the month we pay you the total earnings of the month.

Let's run some numbers. Suppose you refer 2 customers, with monthly AWS bills of $30,000 and $45,000. That means in the first month you'll be making $750. In the second month, since they signed up for Pump their AWS bill was reduced to $25,000 and $35,000 respectively, so you get $600. In the third month, they've grown their customer base, and their AWS bill grew proportionally, to $30,000 and $45,000. You're back to making $750 a month! Like that, every month we'll calculate each referral's AWS bill, and pay you 1% of that.

We've been seeing our customers grow a lot since we launched, and our revenue has grown along with theirs. We wanted you to also be a part of that growth, so that we can all rise together, and benefit. That's why we don't pay a fixed amount, because we'd be leaving you out!

We truly believe that signing up to Pump is hugely beneficial for startups and SMBs, and our 200+ customers vehemently agree. However, to kickstart the Pump Affiliate Program, we're also giving an incentive to those customers you refer to us. Each new customer that comes as a referral from one of our Pump Affiliates receives $250 in AWS credits, immediately upon signup! That means everyone wins!

How to Become a Pump Affiliate

All you need to do to sign up for the Pump Affiliate Program is fill out the Pump Affiliate Program signup form. We'll contact you, ask you to sign up to Pump, and that's it!

Referring Customers as a Pump Affiliate

When you sign up to the Pump Affiliate Program you'll receive a unique referral link. All you have to do to refer a customer is share this link with them, and when they sign up, we'll immediately know they came from you.

What happens if someone learns about Pump from you, but signs up later? Don't worry, your referral link includes a cookie that ensures all future page visits for the next 60 days are also credited to you. That way, if someone learns about Pump from you today, and decides to sign up next week or at any point in the following 2 months, we'll know you're the one who helped us win that customer, and we'll credit you. We’ve even covered this across multiple devices.

If a customer signs up with your link, that field is automatically filled with your referral code. If they never opened your link from this particular device, but it's you who sent them, they can add your referral code manually. Remember the $250 they get for being referred by a Pump Affiliate? If they want those $250, they need to include your code!

Spreading the Word About Pump

We know that sometimes talking about someone else's product is difficult. For that reason, we invite all of our Pump Affiliates to try out our demo, and see for themselves how Pump works. We've also got plenty of blog posts and case studies that you can read, and a FAQs section we put a lot of love into.

Additionally, we give our Pump Affiliates a small "media pack" they can use, which includes our branding, solution briefs, and other collateral to inspire you and an onboarding guide to ramp you up on us. You have our permission to use these materials to promote Pump.

We want to give you all the tools, but we don't want to tell you what to say. We have our own voice, and we use it. What we want is your voice. Your words, your feelings, your style and message. We want you to tell everyone about Pump, but we want you to do it your way.

Tracking Your Earnings as a Pump Affiliate

As a Pump customer, you have access to your referral stats within your app but for other partners we ask you to sign up to Pump. In our app you'll find a dashboard where you can track every referral you have, how much their AWS bill is, and how much you're earning from them. You can see what your monthly income will be for the current month, and predict your lifetime income from your current referrals. We even added a calculator so you can see how much you'd earn from a new referral.

Pump Affiliate Program Eligibility

Any organization or individual from any part of the world can join the Pump Affiliate Program. There is no cost for joining or remaining in the program, no prerequisites, and no verification process.

There's also no restrictions on what you do or how you get the referrals. Some of our early Pump Affiliates are startup-oriented companies, like Arc, Rampd, StartupStack, Guille Ojeda.

We also offer the option to pay your earnings via AWS credits, which you should be able to use in any part of the world where AWS is accessible. If this isn't a valid option for you either, contact us and we can explore alternatives together.

Referrals Eligibility

While you can refer anyone, at Pump we're unable to offer services to customers located in India or China, or customers using AWS GovCloud. You can find more information about eligibility of our customers here

In addition to that limitation, you can only earn your referral commission from customers with an AWS bill over $2000/month. 

Next Step: Become a Pump Affiliate

Sign up to the Pump Affiliate Program by filling out this form and someone on our team will reach out with a formal agreement. If you are already a customer, you can start referring right away. Once you're in, all you have to do is share the link, share the love, share the discounts, and #GetPumped.

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