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Company Update 🎉

New Partnership - Techstars

New Partnership - Techstars

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Techstars! Techstars (you have probably already heard of) is one of the largest pre-seed investors providing access to capital, one-on-one mentorship, and a stellar program for founders. This exciting move comes as Pump aims to cut startups AWS spending by optimizing savings in several different ways. A few ways we save startups on their AWS bill is to optimize cost by utilizing group-buying and AI. 

About Techstars

Techstars is a pre-seed investor that provides access to capital, mentorship, and other support for early-stage entrepreneurs. Founded in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado. As of January 2024, the company had accepted over 4,100 companies into its accelerator programs with a combined market capitalization of $106B making it one of the most successful accelerators for technology startups.

Our Mission Continues 🚀

“Helping founders and startups cut and optimize their cloud costs by sharing benefits has always been our number one priority at Pump. We are so pumped for 2024 and plan to offer many new features and products in 2024 and beyond. Our team cannot wait to share with our customers the future of Pump”Spandana Nakka, Founder and CEO of Pump. 

Exclusive Techstars Offer 

As we continue to expand our mission to save money for more startups, we are excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Techstars. Founding teams who are a part of Techstars’ accelerator programs will have instant access to: 

  1. $500 in AWS credits: For signing up with Pump (which is already free and without any risk), Techstars-backed companies will receive $500 in AWS credits.
  1. 1:1 Slack channel support: We are offering all Techstars-backed companies unparalleled customer support with 1:1 Slack, which is normally only given for companies with $20K+ monthly spend.
  1. Pre-approval into our collective: We will not require a company to fill out a KYB. 
  1. Early access to our newest products: Get early access to the new innovative products we are launching to improve founders’ experience and ease when navigating cloud computing costs. Examples include cybersecurity and cloud migration, and Slack and Reddit communities as they are launched.

For current Techstars founders who are interested in learning how Pump can save them up to 60% on their current AWS bill, sign up here and email Paul Russo, ex-Techstars, at [email protected] with a quick note. Paul is also happy to answer any questions you may have via email or on a brief Google Meet!

Not in Techstars? You can still join Pump for free! 💰

Any company with a monthly AWS spend of more than $1,000 can join Pump by going to, and onboarding on your own or with someone from our team. Pump is the only company with AI savings for 12 AWS services.

Join the club that saves millions! Collectively coming together to save on AWS, we can now get the same discounts that large enterprises get in three easy and simple steps.

  1. View your savings estimate. Read-only permissions
  2. Like the savings you see? Grant write permissions to Pump
  3. Complete our KYB process. See savings within 24 hours (get started)

We look forward to future collaborations as we continue to carry out the mission of Pump to empower a new wave of businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Seize the opportunity to revolutionize your AWS savings, explore the offering today, and propel your startup toward success.

Do you have more questions? We have more answers! Go to our blog or case studies to see what our customers have to say.

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