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'Past Savings' shown on AWS

'Past Savings' shown on AWS

At Pump, we believe in simplifying complex processes and helping businesses optimize their AWS costs effortlessly. That's why we're excited to introduce a game-changing feature called "Past Savings," designed to empower AWS users by providing transparent insights into the cost benefits they've already achieved through their existing Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans. By connecting your AWS account to Pump, you can instantly unlock a visual representation of your past savings journey through an intuitive graph. This graph displays key metrics such as Original Costs, Past Savings, Pump Savings, and Actual Costs in one comprehensive view.

Past Savings and Pump Savings shown separately

Visualizing Your Savings

The graph begins by showcasing your Original Costs, which represent the expenses incurred by your AWS resources without any savings optimizations. This serves as a baseline for evaluating the cost benefits achieved over time.

The next section highlights your Past Savings, quantifying the accumulated savings realized through your existing RIs and Savings Plans. This illustrates the value generated by your commitment to long-term usage, clearly demonstrating the cost advantages compared to on-demand pricing.

But Pump doesn't stop there. We take cost optimization to the next level with our Pump Savings. The graph reveals potential additional savings that Pump can optimize for you, should you choose to utilize our services. These Pump Savings showcase the untapped potential for further cost reduction, giving you a tantalizing glimpse into the value that Pump can unlock for your organization.

Assessing Your Actual Costs

To provide a complete picture, the graph presents your Actual Costs, factoring in both your past savings and the potential Pump Savings. This transparent representation allows you to assess the true impact of your existing cost-saving measures and understand the value that Pump brings to the table.

Unlocking the Power of Pump

One of the greatest advantages of Pump's "Past Savings" feature is that it enables you to evaluate the value proposition without any commitments. Checking your past savings and exploring potential Pump Savings is completely free. You can effortlessly visualize the impact of your existing cost-saving strategies and explore the additional savings potential that Pump offers. It's a risk-free and hassle-free process that puts the power of informed decision-making firmly in your hands.

But Pump doesn't just provide insights – we go a step further. If you find the Pump Savings compelling, you have the option to proceed and leverage our optimization capabilities. Powered by advanced algorithms and intelligent automation, Pump continuously analyzes your AWS usage, identifies opportunities for optimization, and implements changes that drive further cost reduction. With Pump, you can maximize your cost savings while focusing on what matters most – your core business.


Understanding and optimizing costs in the cloud is crucial for achieving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans have long been valuable tools for achieving substantial savings. However, assessing and realizing the full potential of these savings has often been a complex and daunting task. That's where Pump's "Past Savings" feature comes in, revolutionizing the way you evaluate and unlock the value of your existing cost-saving strategies.

By effortlessly visualizing your past savings and showcasing potential additional savings, Pump empowers you to make informed decisions about optimizing your AWS costs. With no commitments or upfront costs, Pump offers a risk-free opportunity to explore the untapped potential for further savings.

Connect your AWS account to Pump, dive into the world of "Past Savings," and uncover the true value of your cost-saving efforts. Let Pump unleash its optimization capabilities and drive your AWS costs to new lows while you focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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